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Lehenga ( लहंगा चोली )

In India The most wearable ethnic wear is Lehenga ( लहंगा चोली ).Lehenga is an outstanding outfits Wear by every women because of its specialty. Lehenga gives you a perfect look to every girl. In Today's era Lehenga is very popular because it is wear by celebrity. This ethnic outfit involves a skirt which might be flared or creased, a short choli or trimmed pullover indicating your midsection and a dupatta . Lehenga is generally a pack of choli or blouse. India is the cultural country in the world. There is thousand of region or community are stay here. So every state has a different different religion and according to religion every one has a unique Clothing sense. Lehenga is mainly Punjabi words. In Gujrat Lehenga called 'Ghaghara Choli' or In Rajasthan its Called ' Chania choli '.

In Today's era there are many types of lehengas pattern are available. Many design planners have begun trying different things with customary designer lehenga. Indeed, even Bollywood TV screen Actress style drop - dead beautiful in stylish designer lehenga cholis, which impacts other ladies to parade lehenga as well. Today combination and Indo - western lehengas have increased a lot of prominence among the main fashionistas.

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A full ankle-length skirt worn by Indian women, usually on formal or ceremonial occasions Which is known as lehenga. from keerramnx you can choose your favorite lehenga. First of all i would like to introduced that what is the origin of lehenga and how it's going to be popular.

The Origin & History of lehenga Choli

The lehenga, lehenga or lahnga (also known as a Ghaghara or gagra, Chania, pavadai, or laacha) is a form of ankle-length skirt from the Indian subcontinent. Different patterns and styles of traditional embroidery are used to decorate the lehenga. In todays era the Gotapatti embroidery is often used for festivals and weddings. The lehenga is sometimes worn as the lower portion of a gagra choli or lahnga choli. Ghagra in Punjabi and Hindustani (also Ghagro in Konkani), was also used to refer to the half slip or petticoat, a skirt worn as an undergarment below the sari.

Lehengas have been worn by Women since ancient occasions. In this era , ladies used to wear a three-piece clothing - a lower article of clothing, a bit of material over the chest band and a cloak over the head or shoulders. The lehenga was worn right now the reign of Mughals who acquired progressions in designer lehenga design. It was currently worn as in type of choli or shirt on the upper part. skirt on the lower part and a dupatta hang over the choli and skirt. During the Mughal age, women used to wear a designer lehenga choli or Ghagra on unique events. During this time period there is a reach people can wear or afford the lehenga. Mughal rulers contracted master skilled employers who utilized luxurious textures like silk and brocade to make Wonderful culminations. It had mind blowing structures and enchanting examples.

The designer lehenga or designer Ghagra pose was followed and has been conveyed forward to a date with certain changes. As the times gone Pretty Changes happen in fashion. There is a huge changes in lehenga pattern because now its going to be very popular Because It entered in Bollywood.

There is Many popular song is made on it which is ' Menu Lehenga Lade mehnga jaa mar Janiya inne pese das tu kithe leke jaaneya'.

During normally Shopping the ladies choose Saree, suits. But for occasion or festive season and Wedding one of the best option is lehenga. because lehenga is one of the best outfits for Indian ladies. After wearing lehenga the ladies looks so beautiful because it is on of the best outfits.

Fashion does not necessarily means that one has to wear what is common to all on Ghagra, With period, Style has become a part of everyone's DNA.

In this era there are huge option are available in lehenga choli Collection.

lehengas according to fabrics or Pattern are used in todays time.

The Several Variation in lehenga

1. Ghagri Lehenga - It has a 6 Foot long narrow skirt , This types of lehengas still used today . It is worn by jain nuns in India.

2. A-line Lehenga - In this types of lehenga the skirt is tighter at the waist and flares Out at the bottom.

3. Flared Lehenga - In flared or circular Lehenga has a round skirt Which can be pleated or layered for volume.

4. Double flared Lehenga - A double flared lehenga is a type of multi layered can-can Skirt with a dramatic flare and extra volume.

5. Mermaids Lehenga - A mermaid Lehenga also known as a fishtail or trumpet, resembles the tail of a fish . this style is fitted from the waist to the knees , then flares Over the Calves.

6. Paneled Lehenga - A Paneled Lehenga has Several horizontal Panels of fabric stitched Together to create a flare , resulting in a fuller skirt. The horizontal panels can be of the same or varying sizes and shapes.

7. Straight Lehenga - A Straight Lehenga has a Straight Salwate Without any Pleats or layers, sometimes with a side slit for easy movement . This style is worn on special occasions.

8. Trail Lehenga - In this type of lehenga has an extra portion of fabric attached to the back of the skirt to create a train.

9. Fish Cut Lehenga - Fish cut lehengas are also known as mermaid lehengas and look best on hourglass and rectangle body shapes. As the name suggests these lehengas feature a fishtail shaped bottom along with a fitted waist, tighter around the knees and flares at the bottom. Fish cut lehengas are perfect for modern brides who want to keep their look simple yet stylish. Fish cut lehenga are also great for wearing at different wedding functions.

10. Sharara Lehenga - Sharara lehenga is basically a kurti worn with wide legged trousers or a palazzo but resembles a lehenga. Usually worn by Muslim brides, these are stitched from the middle of the hem similar to a palazzo. Sharara lehenga looks good on apple shape, pear shape, rectangle shape and hourglass body shapes. You can also opt for it if you have a tall frame. Colors such as red, green and turquoise are most preferred for sharara lehenga.

11. Lehenga Kameez or Lehenga with a jacket - The lehengas are kept flary and simple with a long jacket covered in zardozi embroidery or delicate weaving on velvet. Since only the hem of the lehenga is visible through the jacket, these often have broad laces or heavy work on them. With the type of jacket that you chose, you can have a variety of looks from rich and elegant ones to subtle and decent ones as well.

12. Half Saree Lehenga - The look is basically due to the way one drapes the dupatta with the lehenga. It usually is a low flare A-line lehenga.

Some of the most Beautiful lehenga styles that are must have in your wardrobe

Wedding Wear Lehenga or Bridal wear Lehenga - In India one of the biggest movement for bridal is Wedding. So on this Big movement every girls want to look stunning or Beautiful. So Most of the bridal choose lehenga for wedding. According to This Era there is a huge variety or collection in lehenga outfits. because Most of the bridal choose lehenga as a Wedding outfit. So manufacturer or Designer Totally focus on making some thing new or creative in Lehenga. One of the best thing is used in lehenga is can can .Which provide a circular shape or give strength to enhance the look of lehenga.

India is the land of beautiful ethnic dress for Wedding and special festival. Women admire to view the best at all occasion. And easy way to do so is by searching the proper ethnic bridal lehenga for it. The designer bridal lehenga or Ghagra choli is another kind of ethnic wear that will help you glow. It is well known as Ghagra in Gujrat, Lancha in Nagpur or lacha and Chania choli in rajsthan. It is a three-piece Indian ethnic wear that comes with a long bridal lehenga or skirt or Ghagra, choli or blouse and a dupatta or stole. These Outfits are perfect for all occasions like wedding, parties and festivals, and help the women to glance graceful in the most beautiful way. These are available in many different fabrics, work and designs. And from A-line pose designer lehengas to sharara style, you can find all in the designer lehenga from Keerramnx.

Georgette Lehenga - In todays time one of the best Selling Lehenga is Georgette lehenga which is also known as a lucknowi work lehenga. This lehenga is made by Georgette fabric or embordered work. This Types of designed on this fabrics look more beautiful. Georgette fabric is totally Different fabrics from net or velvet. This is very light weight lehenga. This lehenga can wear in all season and it is skin friendly material so it can suit on every skin. As Shown in pictures Which is Georgette lehenga.

Festive wear Lehenga - India is a Festival's country in the world there are many big festivals like Navratri, dushhera, Diwali, Karwachauth, on this occasion ladies wear special outfits one of the first option is lehenga. a gorgeous lehenga becomes your go to outfit as it's the perfect blend of comfort and tradition. Pick from a variety of printed ones or lightly embellished lehengas to sparkle brighter on your favorite festival.

Crop Top And Skirt Style Lehenga - This is the stylish or modern version of lehenga. We have a huge collection in Crop top or Skirt style's lehenga. Crop top Lehenga are Trending Now days. As Shown in picture this is a crop top lehenga.

Lehenga With Jacket - In Search of trending Lehenga choli todays one more thing is add in it which is jacket. Jacket gives a pretty looks to women which wear on skirt. There are numerous alternatives accessible in Jacket styles. The Lehenga with jacket shown in pictures.

Ruffle Lehenga - After Wear Ruffle lehenga Ladies sure feel like a princess. There are a few pose and variations in Ruffle lehenga choli. Ruffle lehenga is available in different different fabrics in georgette fabric lehenga, silk fabric lehenga, net fabric lehenga and chiffon fabric textures looks amazing. Wear it on event like a beat party, or a little event to make heads turn. Including a sheer or semi-straight forward Ruffle Lehenga or Ghagra an advanced eyeful to your ethnic wear. Ruffle lehenga choli shown in picture.

Types of Lehenga Based On fabrics

Velvet Lehenga - Velvet play an important Role to manufacturing the lehenga. Because in lehenga choli collection most of the ladies choose velvet. velvet is one of the common fabric used for lehenga. In India On any occasion Which is wedding or festivals or party velvet lehenga is one of the first choice. Velvet is first fabric which is used to make a lehenga. Velvet provide a Rich look to lehenga. There is a many types of velvet is used in todays era. If you want a bold and beautiful appearance, choose velvet lehengas in wine, dark red, black, navy, and bottle green colors.

Bridal Wear Red Velvet Lehenga choli - One of the best color in Velvet lehenga specially made for bridal.

Bridal Wear Marron Velvet Lehenga choli - Maroon Color Lehenga Choli is Best velvet lehenga choli for bridal.

Bridal Wear Green Velvet Lehenga Choli - Most of the Popular color in Velvet lehenga choli which can wear on party, wedding or festival.

Bridal Wear Pink Velvet Lehenga Choli - Pink Color is First choice of all ladies which gives a perfect look to bridal.

Bridal Wear Blue Velvet Lehenga Choli - Blue Color Looks Attractive in velvet fabric.

Bridal Wear Wine Velvet Lehenga Choli - For Party As Well as For Function Wine color Gives Outstanding look to Ladies.


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